Making creative art from macro photography of materials

Hello friends, today I want to expose this creative artistic work, a few days ago I visited a machine and tool workshop, where turning work is carried out and metallurgical studies are carried out, I could see that they had photographs at a microscopic level of metals with cracks, corrosion and many other details, saved in image format on CD, I asked if I could keep them, to make a visual artistic work and they kindly gave them to me, I got down to work and made this image from a gear that had damage to many places .

"Violet swirl"

Here we see the primary image.

Step 1 y 2

With photography at the microscopic level I make a change and give it a swirling effect, with the photoshops program.

<Step 3 y 4

In this image I look for the central lighthouse effect and then I give it a violet hue.

Framing in indoor environment in digital art


We can make visual art in many ways, we just have to have a positive attitude that if we can achieve good projects, here I will leave you several images of metal microscopies, so that you are encouraged to create your own art and so you accompany me in this creative activity



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