I just made an impression of a Splinterlands monster character!


For me it always been so encouraging to draw the sketches of characters from the steemmonster's splinterlands game.
I hope this is because of the diversity of the numerous characters.
So many monsters, with so many different powers. Honestly, more than playing the game, I like it most that to study about these one by one.

Here I sketched a soldier like one named - SILVERSHIELD PALADIN
Fo Paladin's the solver shield has very importance. Enchantment over the shields give them boosted strength and help them so wear the enemies more.

Hre are the process of sketching.
First I used an HB pencil to draw the basic sketch.


After the completion of the sketch I decided to give the colour using watercolours.


First I gone with the yellow colour, which is used less for the character.


Then I tried with grey and silver colours to get a more advanced look.


Before finishing I finished the whole red part in the sketch. That made the character looked almost finished.


At the end I finished colouring with less used colours like blue and green


After the whole colouring I felt some imperfections. So I decided to use a gel ben to give detailing to the edges.

This is how I made this character illustration.

Hope you all would like my creation.
Thanks for visiting my post.

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