Splinterlands monster art contest| Entry post | DARK ASTRONOMER

Here is my entry for the splinterlands art contest.
This time like in every time, I made a watercolour painting of the splinterlands minster DARK ASTRONOMER.


I am not a huge addict of this game, yet if we are ready to go deep to know every characters power it would be so fantastic for anyone. Because timeing and selecting the appropriate monsters have very important role in winning the game.

Dark Eternals despise light, so in their astronomy they look to what they call “the darkness between the stars.” They believe astral bodies known as Dark Stars are the only true source of darkness. Dark Eternals also believe that they each will, upon full realization of the Dark Reality, be delivered home to those stars, to the roots of all darkness. Dark Astronomers chart and track the Dark Stars, prescribing meaning to the events of the Splinterlands based on their activity, but they are not to be underestimated, for they have plenty of sly tricks of combat.

Here is how I made this painting.
Fist I made a rough sketch using a black pen.


Then I directly gone with the watercolour over it.


But when I finished the colouring on the character I wanted to colour the background too.
Then after clicking the pictures I applied a little contrast too.


So I got the result.

I hope you would like my work.
If you do let me know in the comments.
Here is my referral link to the game.splinterlands

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