Finally I'm drawing! 😃✨

Finally I'm drawing! 😃✨

I try to convey a seductive look!

I paint in Pait Tul Sai program.

And even below the photo is a ugly xeno snail from Aliexpress)

I often order small figurines from Aliexpress, and this time such a snail came.

This time I didn't like the figurine.

It was very carelessly done, I even opened a dispute with Ali about her and won. I also found such angles that would look good ...

How to find Alien. Covenant figurines on Aliexpress. You can dial Xenomorphs) I'm still dialing "Alien. Testament" - since the name of the film is non-standard - aliexpress offers exactly Xenos, and not Gray and other comrades)

Such a terrible snail came to me. Although, in principle, I love snails) They are cool) But not like this figure.

This snail has a long history. her image was stolen from an American artist. Stole a large figurine company and released figurines. The artist was never able to prove anything (And Aliexpress stole from this company ... karma)

Xeno snail