I made a gift to my friends. Sid Mead's book and the face-hugger embryo.

I made a gift to my friends. We love giving each other gifts. I donated Sid Mead's book and a face-hugger embryo.

They were very happy, and I am very pleased that they liked it.

My friends wrote to me thanks:

"It is not the first year that our beloved friend and muse Helen has been giving us rare and hard-to-get pieces of our beloved world, about which we could only dreamily sigh and think that we will definitely buy it one day. And what was our surprise when such miracles came in the package ! At such moments, you feel like a child for whom Santa fulfilled a cherished wish. Thank you, dear cat, for the incredibly informative book of Sid Mead and the face-hugger embryo, which by the way came in a carved and amazingly beautiful round box. As if a piece of David's world was next to us. ☀☀☀ "

And everything was flooded with kimchi) But seriously, I'm very glad that they liked the gift!

Small collection of Hummer cars. Toy)

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