they just put flags and take away my rewards. My identity has been verified, as is my work! My art. I llustration for Zhenya Khontor's story "The Gift"

they just put flags and take away my rewards. My identity has been verified, as is my work!

Illustration for Zhenya Khontor's story "The Gift"

Digital art. Paint Tool SAI Program

The mischief has dirty everything. Well, it was not up to washing the child, and the xenes themselves somehow clean themselves - by the way, I wonder how) But the paper was still for recycling)

Whoever read an excerpt of Zhenya's story, do not worry, everything will be fine with the creature in the end))

Who is interested in the whole story of Zhenya, write in the comments, I will send you the whole story.

stories of my friend Zhenya. Excerpt:

The newborn, covered in blood and mucus, raised its head and squealed softly. Like a chick that could not break through the shell on its own ... and still grows, barely born. David carefully took it out, freeing it from the afterbirth. The animal is wet, limp, trembling. Not at all the perfection whose image so teased the imagination ... and yet alive. Present.

But weak. It is unlikely to live long.

What a pity ... however, this is enough to get you going.

David looked around the room — one of many in the temple. On the stone table there is a heap of papers, crumpled and carelessly piled in a heap. Bad sketches, unnecessary notes. Hands did not reach to recycle into clean sheets. However, now they have found another use - to be a nest for a newborn.

The cub curled up in papers, raising its eyeless muzzle and carefully observing the synth. Lanky, awkward. But inquisitive. David involuntarily smiled, though he was not happy. The newborn chirped. In response, or is it just a coincidence?

Digital art drawing process.