My Drawing of River, Mountain and Trees.

Hey There?

How are you doing today?
Today, I'm going to share another one of my artworks with you. I don't have any specific storyline for this art. Actually, I don't have any story for most of my artworks. Most of the time, some random ideas pop up in my mind and I start to draw. This time I got this idea from watching a movie and some random videos.

IMG_20210305_231454 (1).jpg

In the picture you can see I'm holding a drawing of a river which started from some huge ice mountains. I also drew some trees with colorful leaves.

Now, I'll tell you that from where I actually got the idea to draw this. Actually, they are all from all the videos and movies that I watched on tv/youtube today. I watched an adventure video on youtube where a guy climbs and uses his drone to show beautiful ice mountants. It really got my attention. It was so beautiful that I watched the video more than 5 times.
And then I watched a Hollywood drama movie. In that movie, there was a scene with a flowing river that had trees with colorful leaves on the bank of it. It was also beautiful.

In the evening I was thinking about what to do. Just then the idea pops up in my mind. at first, I draw the mountains and then the river with ice melted, fresh and blue water. And then the trees. If there is really such a place like this on earth, I'd love to visit it one day myself. One day I'll be totally self-dependent and I'll travel around the world to see the wonders of mother nature. This is one of the dreams that I have. I hope one day I'll be able to complete it. Until that day comes, I'll try to find the beauty in my drawings.

To draw this, I used 3 types of brushes and watercolor. I'm also giving the steps of me drawing it below in case you want to see it.

First Step


Second Step


Third and Final Step

IMG_20210305_231444 (1).jpg

I really hope that you've liked my work. I'll be back soon with another artwork. See you next time.

Thanks for your time.