My Pencil Sketch of a "Traditional Bengali Women".

Hi There.

How are you?

I hope that everyone is doing fine by the grace of ALLAH.
Today, I'm amongst you with new artwork of mine. It's been almost 4/5 months since I last I've posted a pencil sketch. And today, I'm now back again among you. This work is special. It's not like my other works, done only by using pencil, colors, and brushes. It's a unique work of pencil.


It's a sketch of a Traditional Bengali Women wearing sharee and traditional jewelry. I also added red color on her lips and nails to make them look good.

Completing this one wasn't so easy. The difficult part was starting it. I've learned this technique just a few days ago from my brother. This helps the artist to make his/her work perfect. But to do it they have to make the calculation accurate. My brother had done a course of sketching body figures. To make perfect body figures one has to do a lot of practice and study about the work he/she is about to do. Mathematics plays an important role here. Normally we can complete artwork with only pencil, color, and brushes. But to draw this type of works the artist also needs a geometry box.

In my work, you can see that the girl is covering a side of her face with one hand. Now, how can you be sure about the position of her figures and the parts of her face? How can you be sure that her figures are in perfect position with her face? Or, how can you be sure about the sizes of the body parts you are drawing? All of these answers are calculation. The first step to learning to draw a body figure is learning the calculation of men's body. I'm not an expert in drawing body figures myself. I've just learned the basics from my brother and some tutorial videos from youtube. I think I'll be able to complete the whole course within a few weeks.

Now, let me share the steps of my work with you.

1st part.


This one may look like, some normal combination of lines. But, that's the main part of the calculation.


2nd Part.

Transforming the lines into a shape of a face. I think now you're realizing that why I draw those lines. They were to keep the position of the parts of the face in perfect position.

3rd Part

Drawing the hand to make it look like that the other side of the face is covered by the hand.

4th Step.


5th Step.


6th Step


Last and Final Part.

This was just as tough as the first part. To complete the first part I had to do all these calculations. It surely took a lot of time. But to do all these designs, took me a whole day. It wasn't easy to draw all those small lines to complete the design. But, I also couldn't skip drawing the designs. Because it's a part of the Bengali tradition. Girls normally dress like this at their wedding. And the traditional dress named share has all those beautiful designs on it. I tried my best to keep it as it really is.


I hope that my art was good enough to complete the satisfaction of your eye. I did my best to keep it real and accurate. See you again in my next post with new artwork. Till then stay happy, stay well.

Thanks for your time and afford to read my post.