Our Common Friend Tree in A New View.

Hi There.

How are you?

I hope that you all are well by the grace of Almighty Allah.

Today, I've come between you guys with another one of my artwork. I've been working on this for many days. I don't know what to call this work that I've done with so much hard work. Artwork or craftwork?


I don't know. The grass and the tree, I've drawn them using watercolor and brushes but the leaves of the trees, I've made them using various colors of offset papers. And to build the borders, first I've made some sticks by rolling some papers and coloring them. After that, I used glue to attach them together. And I've picked the quotes from the internet.

Up there it was just a short description of my work. I'm giving the steps of my work below. I hope you're going to like them.
White and colorful offset paper, glue, cotton bud, maskin tape, Ceasar (my tool for work).

Cutting the paper to make flower leaves.


Coloring The Sticks.
IMG_20210311_120211 (1).jpg
Drying The Color.


Everything that I've used.

Drawing the tree with watercolor.

Adding the flowers as tree leaves and the sticks as border/frame using glue.

I've told several times in my previous posts that I'm a huge fan of nature. And I've tried to send some kind of messages through most of my posts. I also wanted to do the same in this one too by making a beautiful tree. But, after finishing it, it looked empty somewhere. That's why I also added two quotes which is also a good message and helped me to fill my frame. I also asked my brother to make it in a glass frame from the market. I'll keep it with my other craftworks.

Final One:

I really hope that you liked my work. I've put my best effort to complete it. And I made it in 3 days. I worked in my free time to complete it. See you again in my next post with another one of my artwork. Till then stay happy, stay healthy.

Thanks for your time.

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