Step by step, we draw in a mixed technique.

Today, I will tell you how I create portraits.


The first stage is the idea. I push myself away from the sensations at the moment. I wanted to draw the feeling of honey, bees, and honeycombs. And I printed the colored packaging film.


Next, I wanted to add a sense of nature and vegetation. And I drew a couple of flowers and leaves. Also, there are bees.


I start drawing a portrait from the eyes. First the right, then the left. They are very hard to see, because I draw barely noticeable, so that you can easily make adjustments.


Now, I take a flat, wide brush and shade the dark areas with coal dust. And with a small brush, I make a deep shadow on very dark areas.


Lashes, eyebrows, clear contours. I am detailing previously drawn spots. I combine all the objects of the portrait. I also came up with the idea to draw my favorite threads-lianas on the honeycomb.


The latest in the creation of the portrait is the hair. I wanted the hair to look very contrasting compared to the color of the eyes, and I tried to make them as dark as possible.


P. S. I changed my working alias. Now it looks like this-Nutty Nutts.



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