Robert Plant - painting

Believe it or not,
But as a metalhead (now in my 40's) I wasn't into Led Zeppelin for a long time.

It started to change with...
A comic book "Judgement on Gotham" by Simon Bisley.
The characters had this distinguish half-naked-half-leather-pants-wild-no-underwear look.
They were rebels and they obviously wouldn't shower daily. Maybe monthly.
Maybe Neverthly.
As a teenager, I may could or may could not relate to that.
Don't Judge.
Especially don't judge my English :P

And after some time passed I realized I know most of the songs of Led Zeppelin without realizing
Those were their songs. It was inevitable. Same thing with Queen or The Beatles.
(Although The Beatles didn't wear so much leather).

What I'm trying to say:
Great music is timeless.
And odourless.
(Unless you're on LSD)

But I don't judge!

Holy shit, this post is long.
And smells like purple.

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