He's Called Up-up 🦅

Well, that's what he kept on saying.


As I was saying, we had going out for a shake at Trixie's the other day and on the way we ran into this little guy.


He is some sort of hawk or eagle, I imagine, based on his sharp curved beak. Probably just a baby, but twice the size of a pigeon. He had with very short stubby wings and a little bit of feathery down by his beak. I was looking for the mother and I think I saw her flying above briefly.


There is a type of hawk here in the city that flies without flapping and has white stripes, one on each wing tip. I'm pretty sure that's what this is.

Some of my regular commenters will probably tell me exactly what it's called.

We did not attempt to touch Up-up at all because that could put his life in danger from his mother. But, he was super friendly and walked right up to us looking for food well we did not have any. My son held out a leaf and Up-up walked right up to him and tried to eat the leaf. Later, when we came back with some bread, Up-up was gone, but it was so nice to have met him.