Drawing Splinterlands ".ENCHANTED PIXE ". Of The Monster.

Hi Everybody.

I am going to present gaming card among you again. This gaming card is an interesting one of the splinterlands. It seems incredible to me and I am fascinated by this gaming card. And I am happily drawing this Splinterlands gaming card.This card usually looks like a butterfly and its bright example wing looks very beautiful. And with them came some human body shapes. The next surprise was seeing a gaming card. I am drawing art by looking at this gaming card. This drawing is drawn with a blue pencil Done. According to the Splinterlands gaming card I didn’t paint here, I painted with different colours . Looks pretty good, now I don't know how you like this drawing of mine. Drawing was good motivational in the beginning. I got a little confused in the middle of the drawing. Then I continue drawing slowly. I wanted to make this gaming card drawing different with colors everywhere. The drawing has already been completed with this colour. There has been a bit of a problem with color and capture, then it has been beautifully made.

The gaming card I drew is called ENCHANTED PIXIE.


It is draw in an art paper. It is first lightly shaped into art paper. Then the drawing is draw in the completed way. Then after the drawing it is seen that it has increased the expression of the growth of beauty.This drawing first draws the legs then draws the body structure and the hands. The latter is painted on the head, and finally the wings of the butterfly are painted. My art drawing is complete. Now I’m starting to colour.


The drawing is being painted. Here the aspect of body structure has been colour. This drawing has been painted without matching the color of the gaming card. Maybe the coloring is done to match the gaming card to enhance the beauty.


I am drawing step by step. And has been painted by changing the colour and changing the direction of the drawing. The art figure is arranged by coloring the steps respectively and gradually it is transformed like the original card. This step of drawing has been painted in a good and perfect way, But the side of the drawing head is a little blurred when taking pictures with mobile. But I paint the drawing beautifully, It can be seen Unclearly by capturing and drawing.


Already one side of the butterfly wing has been painted. The butterfly's wings have been decorated with different colours step by step. And on the other side, the wings have been painted, The wings on the other side of the butterfly will be painted in the same way. And the decorative bright illustrations are painted in this art drawing way in a stirring way.


The wing is painted on both sides. Now the aspect of body Structure is incomplete. Painting around the drawing is complete. But the colour of the body structure is left. The drawing here does not match the colour of the body shape with the original gaming card. Because I don't have this colour. I tried matching another colour body, But no color body is being adapted. Finally finding no way out Decided not to color the body structure. Then I noticed It looks a lot without colour. Then I fully implement the decision again. The color of this gaming card is that they use different Photoshop apps. This is the colour of the gaming card. So the drawing looks like it was painted, but it wasn't actually painted. Colourless beauty enhances growth. Plan with all sides I complete the art by drawing and colouring .


There is some color similarity with the original gaming card. Some color matching has been done in the drawing with Gaming Card.

By taking various steps, each step of the drawing is considered and the drawing is passed. Finally the gaming card drawing has been completed.

Thanks All Of you.