Delicious, juicy turkey wing baked in the oven.

Delicious, juicy turkey wing baked in the oven. Ingredients: turkey wing, soy sauce, salt, pepper, ketchup, onion. Also a roasting sleeve.

I love turkey meat. Turkey meat is dietary so you can eat it when you are on a diet.

Turkey meat in our country is not cheap, so many people prefer chicken.

But sometimes you can cook, treat yourself to delicious and healthy meat.

I am sending you a simple turkey recipe.

Rinse the meat well. Ideally, soak the meat in cold water for about half an hour. But if time is short, then you can just wash the meat well.

We prepare all the ingredients. I like to prepare all the necessary ingredients right away so that everything is at hand.

Salt, pepper. When salting, keep in mind that if you add more sauce or seasoning, then they are also salty. If you do not take into account the fact that the seasoning and salty sauce can be salted and there will be very salty meat. Therefore, add less salt than usual when salting meat without seasoning or sauce. I add sauve sauce, it's salty and the seasoning is salty, so I don't add a lot of salt.

Fill the wing with soy sauce. You can use any sauce. I have classic soy sauce. That's what I said, when you salt, count on the fact that the sauce is salty, the seasoning can also be salty.

Add seasoning. You can choose any seasoning that you like best. I didn't have the seasoning at home that I like the most, it's the citrus seasoning.

I added this seasoning. Add a little seasoning so as not to interrupt the taste of the meat itself.

Add ketchup. Approximately 2 tablespoons. Rub the ketchup into the meat well.

Place the steamed turkey crill in the roasting sleeve and add one onion. if you like onions, then you can cut the onions into pieces.

We put in the oven. The approximate temperature is 220 degrees, about 1 hour. But all ovens are different, so look for readiness after 40 minutes. Sometimes the meat is baked for more than an hour, about 1 hour and 20 minutes.

Delicious, soft, dietary turkey meat is ready.

Enjoy your meal.

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