Drive to the stone quarry. Reed

Drive to the stone quarry. Reed

I like taking pictures of nature. After all, nature is always beautiful, every species, every horizon, landscapes are all beautiful.

Previously, stones were mined here. but the quarry workers stumbled upon a spring under the stones and the spring began to be a stream. This whole hole quickly filled with water.

Now it is a resting place for the inhabitants of this city. Sometimes people come here from other cities. I like that the water here is clean and clear, not like in a river where there is a mule and seaweed.

There is another quarry nearby, so now work is underway to extract, apparently also stones.

When we were photographing here, we heard the sound of a siren, it was a warning hum, which means that now the quarry where the work is going on will be undermined.

Usually there are more people here in summer. When it's hot people come to swim in cool water.

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