On the way, we drove into the forest.

On the way, we drove into the forest. This is most likely the last winter photos. Spring is ahead, I want to photograph something blooming. By the way, with the spring you!)

Very soon the cold will recede and spring will begin to flourish, in the literal sense, nature will begin to wake up, trees, flowers, bushes will begin to bloom. There will be a pleasant sweet smell of spring. And the main thing is that it will be warm.

I love winter, but I was already looking forward to spring. I want warmth.

Now about my little journey. We went to the village. The village is about 150 kilometers from the city. On the way, we stopped to drink coffee and eat. We also drove into the forest to take a photo.

The nature in the forest is very beautiful, I want to admire this view for a long time.

On the way I wanted to have a snack. We bought coffee and this burger called the washer. Delicious and satisfying. We shared this meal with a dog sitting outside the store. The dog ate and waited for us to give it more)

We ate ourselves and fed the dog.

Really very satisfying food.

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