The stone quarry in the winter season is beautiful in its own way.

The stone quarry in the winter season is beautiful in its own way.

I like this place at any time of the year, it is especially beautiful in winter. I love how rocky mountains are reflected in the water. You can paint a winter landscape.

I thought that spring had come and there would be no snow anymore. We are already waiting for the warmth. But it snowed tonight. Hope a warm spring is just around the corner. So you want the trees to bloom already. I like the sweet scent of flowering trees, flowers.

By the way, tomorrow there will be a women's holiday, March 8 - women's day. We celebrate this holiday every year. Well, I'll tell you about this later, maybe I'll take a photo for a separate post about a women's holiday.

A closer photo of the stones. Such a beautiful structure by the stone. Some of the photos show rocks underwater. Next time I will take a photo closer so that you can see so clear water here.

Nice here. Previously, stones were mined here, but then the workers stumbled upon a stream, which flooded this entire stone pit with water. It is now a place to relax.

Here in this photo you can see a little stones at the bottom.

I like that there is clear, clean water here.

It is nice to plunge into cool, clear water here in summer. I do not like swimming in lakes where the water is muddy, the bottom is not visible, and mules and algae are at the bottom. The sea is one thing, although the bottom is not always visible, there is sand at the bottom. Of course, there are algae sometimes. Last year there was an invasion of jellyfish. I was afraid to go into the sea because of the jellyfish. There were days when the wind scattered jellyfish into the sea, and sometimes when jellyfish swam to the shore.

There are no jellyfish in the stone quarry, there are no algae near the coast and the bottom is visible. But you still need to be careful, since here at the bottom you can hit the stones with your foot, so you need to step carefully, and it is advisable not to jump.

Here are the brave ones who jump from the rocks. But I wouldn't risk it. After all, here at the bottom stones are sometimes sharp, so you need to be careful here. Moreover, it is very deep here.

How I love this reflection in the water. stone rocks are covered with snow and are reflected in the water. It’s like on an Arctic ocean, like icebergs.

Very nice. By the way, I was painting a picture, something like this landscape. Only that was Antarctica. I drew a picture as a keepsake as a gift to a person from America, Washington State, Camas County. Camas is one of the forty-four counties in Idaho.

I am very glad when my paintings are scattered all over the world.

One day it will be possible to paint a picture based on one of my photos)

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