There are many interesting places near my house.

There are many interesting places near my house.

It’s true, you don’t have to go far to find a beautiful view. Nature is beautiful everywhere in its own way. Many people say that I live in a place where there is nothing special. But it's worth taking a little time to see interesting places on the map of your city. For example, a stone quarry.

It is very beautiful in here. In addition, in summer you can cool down here in cool water, which is still needed on a hot day.

In winter everything is covered with snow and nature shows a special view. I like how the stone mountains are covered with snow and reflected in the water.

As I said, you can paint pictures from these photos.

In summer there are many people here. Everyone wants to bathe on a hot day. The water is cold here, but clean and clear, when you stand in the water you can see your toes) I like it.

And vacationers jump from the cliffs here, but I would not protest, and many, too. There are huge stones at the bottom. It is not for nothing that this quarry is called a stone quarry, before stones were mined here.

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