Winter walk in the forest.

Winter walk in the forest.

It is very beautiful here, I wanted to enjoy nature.

Traces of animals are visible in the snow, these are hares. I think there are wild cormorants and wolves, foxes as well. There may be other animals as well, because this is a forest, a home for wild animals.

I can imagine how beautiful it would be here if there was more snow, it would be even more beautiful. Although, this view cannot but rejoice.

It is beautiful here at any time of the year. I showed you autumn photos, it is very beautiful here in autumn, because not only green trees and pines, but also other bushes and trees on which colorful leaves melt in autumn.

I photographed my autumn painting here. By the way, I played the painting "tea in the forest" in a competition when I had 30 subscribers on my Instagram page. I chose 2 winners and several paintings, two winners chose 2 paintings.

But my Instagram page got hacked. I could not return the page and asked the Instagram support to block it.

I still hope to get my Instagram page back. I still contact those support. I am very upset that my page was hacked. Tears welling up. I didn't even leave a lot of photos on my phone in the hope that they will be on my instagram.

But it's good that I add photos to the Hive, I can now save myself photos that I do not have on my phone.

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