The wave of a sea painting with poster colour

The waves of the sea!

I hope everyone is fine and safe. Today I'm back with a new painting blog. Today I'm going to make a wave of sea painting with poster colour . I will share all the process of my painting. So Let's get started.


Materials :

To make the painting we need some basic and normal materials at first, those are,


★Paper .
★Poster colour ( cobalt blue, sky blue,gold,white)
★Plastic colour plate.

So those are the ingredients or materials we need. Now i will tell the process,


At first I applied cobalt blue, white and sky blue colour on the paper. Then I blended them nicely and made good shades.


After that I made the wave of a sea with gold,cobalt blue, sky blue and white colour.


In the end I applied white colour to make some cloud and water.



After that the beautiful painting will be done. It took me 45 minutes to finish. look how beautiful it looks. We can decorate our house or with this kind of painting. It looks so beautiful in every house and every wall . So that's it for today. I will be back soon with my new blog post till then stay healthy, stay safe.


Rafy Team Hallucinate Walpaper (6908x3886) Pixel.jpg