Is it born or created? creativity in the human being

Hello friends, today I want to talk to you about the creativity of the human being, from an early age we see in children an average life span of 1 to 5 years, the strong connection with curiosity, they want to touch everything and put everything in their mouths, in that stage of our lives we want to discover and know everything that surrounds us, it is precisely in the first stage of life when creativity develops, we see children in schools who look sad and frustrated, wanting to have them controlled and calm, with very orthodox teaching methods, so from today when you see your young son draw and color a wall in your house, do not repress him with some minor punishment, on the contrary, find him a legacy where he can carry out this activity and motivate him, (It is not going to be that you have the next "Picasso" in your family).


I see that the methods of school teaching and secondary education are far below what they should be, for example: I wonder why a student has to memorize the periodic table or another study method where there are symbols? When in itself what we must do is use the periodic table, to teach the student how to use water (for example) in a car, there the student would learn the symbol and the corresponding values ​​of (H2O) which is the symbol of water , but that's not the case, I ask myself another question, why don't we bring our primary and secondary education to what today's life demands of us? Imagine taking technical drawing to the carpentry, we would see the student learning about geometric figures and at the same time his creativity would be awakened, so in many areas we can teach and at the same time be at the forefront of technology, when we see a fan turn and expel the air, many of us not even remotely understand its mechanics and the reason for its functions, it would be great if we all knew a little about the entire conglomerate of technological artifacts that surround us in our daily lives, but that is not the reality.


The first 10 years of the infant are key to awakening creativity, if the child develops in a repressed environment, either due to factors of physical and psychological abuse, his mental coefficient would be seriously affected, his self-esteem would drop a lot, thus losing motivation for In life, that child will become in the next few years the problematic adolescent, who does not fit into any social circle, we would see in the future a man desperately looking for a cure to his psychological problems, to accompany him for a long time of his life, if at any point in your life, you manage to shake off your frustrations.


However, we see the infant who grows up in a relaxed environment, with freedom to explore, know and manipulate his environment, we see him become a creative and successful man, I do not say that all cases are positive, we simply talk about statistics, there are Children who have been successful coming from violent homes, but there are very few cases, so I ask myself again, is our education and way of life leading our children to an uncertain future? The chances are very high that the next generations will be more violent, we live in a world ruled by the material, little by little family values ​​are being lost, the neglect of parents towards their children has led to a constant feedback of creating beings Disturbed, each time the indices indicate that the society is increasing of people who are not creative.


I'm going to talk to you about what we do here on our platform, as we can see to be successful in our environment, we have to be creative, we have to put our mind to work, to be able to publish original content, without many of us realizing it. We have awakened that quality, of being creative as time has passed here on the platform, we see people in the street doing nothing, you can appreciate their frustration at not having the possibility of being creative, they do not find their way out of that daily routine, I wonder why this happens in those people? Surely they were children who did not develop in healthy environments conducive to creativity, now as adults it is very difficult to understand these attitudes, I know a user who integrated almost 100 people into the community, he himself told me that of those 100 people only remained after a time 5% of integrated, why did that happen?


Before involving people in a project where creativity is the important factor to be developed, do we have to first awaken that concern for creativity?

Motivate them with some method where little by little that creativity is awakened to the user, it is not simply saying "Join HIVE" that the rest comes alone, we can grow much more, without integrating some species of bees to our hive, that they do the I work to first motivate creativity and after that step, reach integration to the platform, so the user would understand their work and their creativity would explode every day.

Buddhism is both a religion and a non-theistic philosophical and spiritual doctrine, that is, it does not believe in the existence of a specific god or creator, it belongs to the "Dharmic" family of beliefs from India.

If you want to see the creative and successful man, remember that in his first 10 years of life, there will be the key to his development, it is time to break the paradigms and the chains that continue to be perpetuated, "The son of a disturbed, disturbed too be".

Friends for your great support and for your time, I say goodbye with this thought that makes us grow more every day.