Digital painting of a pretty place in Québec.


Hi everyone! 😊

I show you today a digital painting that I made.

There's a kind of challenge on the internet, which called "Virtual Plein air". The principle is to reproduce plein air painting from a model, but virtually : so, with google maps we choose a place on earth, and we paint.

I really loved the principle, as the digital process makes it difficult the fact to paint outdoors ;

It's also very interesting to be able to see so much beauty all around the world.

And finally, it's a very good exercise for practice your eyes, by making studies.

My purposes with these exercises is, as I begin it with a very realistic ones, to decline the next ones in something more stylized, more personal in sum. Because it's my default (I don't know if it's really a default) to be too faithful to the model I choose.
So, I will try in the future to create my own style, even when starting from models.
It's a thing I succeeded for clouds, and I have to continue on this path for the rest.

Process :



At this time, I realized that I didn't liked the clouds at all ; so I redesigned them.




Here was my model :
It's a pretty little place in Québec :)
(If someone recognize it, tell me, it can be funny!)

Hope you will like it! :D

Don't hesitate to leave a comment.

See you soon!

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