Carnivorous Corner 🦟 Drosera Filaformis

Like a living screen door,

This plant offers a place to land, take a rest, then attempt to fly away. That last part is never successful though.

Drosera Filaformis


The name Drosera simply means that the plant has tentacles with droplets of sticky enzymes that attract, trap, and eventually digest the insects that visit. This one has fifteen new branches growing and "unrolling" at any given time.

I took a branch from it and laid it on top of moist moss - that was two weeks ago and here are a couple of the babies that are coming into existence due to that one effort.


When the babies get bigger and develop roots, they will be simply transplanted into the appropriate size pot. They will then begin their lives trapping rogue pests in the house or on the terrace.

Again, if you get one of these, you must use only distilled water, rain water, or water from an air conditioning run off tube (essentially distilled). They must have water without chemicals or minerals in it.


There are two fully grown flower stalks on the parent plant along with three other developing flower stalks. They keep the house smelling of flowers all day when they are blooming, and they are always blooming.

I have yet to collect any seeds from the Drosera Filaformis yet, but when I do I will publish them on Particl for world-wide shipping at cost (shipping only). For anyone near me, I will have stable baby plants available soon.

I will try to do a time lapse of my plants when I get set up to record it uninterrupted. In the mean time, here is one I found on the worst video platform ever. I wanted you to see how this plant operates.

Updates on the other plants and the baby plants I am nurturing coming soon.

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