Newest Drosera is eating really well.

Every time I look up while doing my routine on the computer, I see this hanging there. No need for fly swatters or sprays.

This is a "Cape Sundew", aptly named for the way 'dew' shines in the sun. These little hairs produce their sticky syrup that attracts the day's meal. I looked up to see it and decided to show you the beauty of it. Very hard to catch the sparkling shine of the globules of goo. The camera does not quite capture its brilliance.


The other thing that is happening with this little plant is the cluster of flowers that sprung up!


I know. The photo is sideways. The platform used to do this to me in 2017 too. I had to spend 45 minutes trying to get the photos right side up - is this a new feature? Not liking it.

The little balls that you see at the top of the long stem will open just after dawn, one per day, and they will continue to bloom in succession for a wonderful smelling treat every day. I can't wait to see what color they will be!


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