How to feel sane when in the midst of busy chaotic days?

Feeling calm and in control in the middle of a topsy turvy never ending busy one thing after another day takes some effort. Maybe you may say this is easy. Or perhaps you agree it is indeed an ongoing challenge. Differences plentiful. Like there are well rounded and ground highly organised individuals who take on a chaotic day with ease, while there are others who may go into a fluster and a head spin.

Of course reasons abound as to why one would feel like the headless goose amidst an unexpected flow of happenings, sometimes on top of busyness. Maybe it is a Murphy 's Law kind of day.

Why do we not always cope? We are human first of all they it happen without any preparation or warning. It is life, perhaps even a universal ploy to continually throw us situations where we need to keep developing the skills of flexibility, adapting, organising and calm balance thinking.

Regardless of the reason, it is a must to let go of stress, the internal pressure and rigidly for your own well being. Strategies like stop, take stock, breathe along with self talking work. Try one or more of these if you are interested, "one step at a time; I can do this, it does not matter if I don't finish what I am trying to get done; laugh, get everyone to do a job and relax life is good." Whatever you say to feel in control is personal as long as it works.

Perhaps it is a step by step process and one has to go through a fluster and a flap first, I do sometimes! Berating yourself afterwards is normal, just don't be too hard and go whipping yourself. We are only human, erring is part of the learning journey. Let sanity and sensibility reign is what I say.

At least at the end of over busy day you can retrieve your sanity with the help of a country or beach scene. Retreating into nature works a treat.


Goodbye and appreciate you taking time to read my post.

Arranging red hibiscus flowers in a paper bark tree on my walk was a superbly fun diversion for me yesterday, they happened to be on my walking path.