'Reno' - Original Music - A Throwback of an Older Recording, Using Garageband - Punk/Rock + Walkthrough


I didn't really have any ideas

that I felt were worth an actual write-up today, so we're going with a throwback tune! Most of my really old songs/recordings were recorded (and edited, albeit limitedly) in Garageband, and yesterday I was playing around with the Garageband currently available on iOS devices (this was on an iPad). I was pretty blown away; the UI on the mobile devices is awesome, and the instruments definitely sound a lot better than my first interactions with it 16 or 17 years ago. I never really delved into the loops, and since I hated the sounds at the time, it just functioned as a place to import drum tracks that I did elsewhere, and record guitar/bass, entirely with a direct input from my guitar or amp into a headphone jack-sized input on my laptop.

Listen to Reno here...

There was a short period

where I had started a band with my roommates called 'Palmtree Assassins'. I have no idea where the name came from, the drummer was adamant that we go with that. We never played any shows, and honestly, maybe practiced all of 3 times. However, I had written 5 songs for that band total. The idea was just a straight-forward punk band; the drummer was really into '90s skatepunk, so most of the songs leaned that way. I had decided to try and record them all, so the drummer could listen to them in the car and try and write parts of his own, though this was the only one of the set that got that treatment. The drums were all done with a little application called 'Doggiebox', basically just a drum plug-in, but it ran outside of a DAW. I would write a bunch of drum parts, export them as .wav files, then import those into Garageband and record. For some reason, there is a really weird break, with sort of electronic drums, and delay effects... I don't remember why this was there, and it definitely wasn't in any versions we played as a group. I always laugh when I go back and hear these random ideas, wondering just what I was thinking...

Enjoy the photos!

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