Digital Sketch ~ My Work Process

So so guys!
It's been a really long time since I shared my artworks
For a while now I haven't had time to make sketches.
And it's really sad because drawing is one thing I love to do very much.
Just last night when I was searching the net for something, I bumped into artwork from another artist. It was a pencil sketch.
So I decided I wanted to make a digital sketch out of his pencil work.
I saved the reference image to make a digital sketch with it and I must say, I didn't think it would come out great as digital work or piece but I am shocked to see it came out even way better than I imagined.
I will show you a few processes of how I made the sketch.
I really hope to go back to sketching again cause I have missed doing that for a long time now.
Check out my work process and tell me what you think of the sketch. And make suggestions and contributions that will help me as an artist to improve even a good criticism and feedback is very much welcome, thank you!

Steps With Explanation







The very first I did for the sketch was to sketch out the outline starting from her face down to her hair. I must say it was really fun doing that.

When I finished with the outline sketching, I started filling in the necessary colors, I chose a fitting color and I started with her face.

Then it went down to her eyebrows, lashes, lips, and then her hair. I couldn't have thought of a perfect color other than black for her hair.

After filling in the colors, I blended all the parts of her body that I painted using an airbrush tool to make visible highlights on her hair firstly.

Then I continued with the airbrush highlights. I did this for her skin too and even her lips, to make the artwork a little bit realistic and not flat.

I changed the background color, or better still, I inserted or input a background color since there was none, but just plain white.

And that ends my work process. I finished up with the artwork and did all the necessary corrections and adjustments and I believed it is good art even if not perfect.
I like the turn out of the work and I hope you guys like it too.
What do you think? Let me have your feedback, thank you!

I am most delighted and grateful to everyone that finds time to read my post today, I appreciate your presence.